At Thomas Del Spina, the majority of our frames are based in whole or in part on historic frames dating as far back as the fifteenth century.

Often, the original frames that hold the art work become more valuable and more delicate with the passage of time and can no longer effectively protect the art work.

In such cases, collectors and museum curators, while opting to restore damaged antique frames, they also make the wise decision of reproducing those frames if the art work is to travel on exhibits.

At Thomas Del Spina, we can do both. Our artisans who are versed in old art of custom frame making can restore your antique frames can reproduce them using modern and rugged materials.

Another benefit that a custom frame maker can extend to his customers is the ability to inherit designs and features from existing antique frames to reproduce modern ones. This ability gives collectors, gallery owners, and interior designers a sense of continuity within the exhibit area of their choice.

The harder the task is, the fewer are those who can rise to the occasion; the talent and dedication of the team at Thomas Del Spina is one of those. 

Feel free to contact us with any question or inquiries.

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